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We’ve partnered with two clothing organizations to bring you some custom Duane’s Whirld and Fluffy swag to the playa and our community. Choose from Fluffy-branded t-shirts and hats or some custom-clothing made in our official Fluffy Fabric!

From Custom Link

“Flashbulb Holographic” is Fluffy’s official team fabric!
Order a piece or a closet-full and we’ll all suit up to glide across the playa on Fluffy! 

At Coquetry Clothing (an awesome business Duane has been supporting for years) ANYTHING can be made in Flashbulb Holographic. We’ve provided some samples below. Also visit their website, and check out the BUILD YOUR OWN section – order anything in FLASHBULB HOLOGRAPHIC and search “Add On” to find all the neat things you can add to your pieces. Search “dragon” for more options with spikes.

Every item is made to order, allowing our partners to use your very own custom measurements.  Whether you want to swap out a sleeve style, change a neckline, customize for height, or completely change the fabric, our designers are ready to help you customize our items for the very best fit! When ordering custom adjustments, make sure to add a note on the order page about the adjustments needed (there’s a little box).

We’ll see you in the dust all star-tastic and shiny!

Build Fluffy with Us!

It is partly cloudy with a chance of magic.