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Cold beer is shared in deep playa on our daily beer run.

Gooey-hot campfire treats sandwiched by the smores scouts.

If it breaks or goes flat, if we cannot fix it (and we probably can’t) we’ll decorate it for you.

A guided meditation of love while de-mooping our neighborhood. What we load in we load out!

Lounge Lizards Bar Crawl

It’s a bar. It’s a bar. It’s a bar. We’ll have plenty of beer, cocktails, mixed drinks, and a variety of Caprisuns.

Burn Barrel Cozy R’ US

Come have a sit by our firepit with s’mores, grilled cheese & other tasty snacks. We’re likely to be silly, sultry, smart, and always kind.

We share many gifts of love, hugs, cold beer, s’mores, and wonder-filled magical rides with Fluffy, our Dream Puff!