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Fluffy is accessible public transit masquerading as a wafting cloud to elicit and excite your dreams. A wheelchair lift and Braille rails make a mutant vehicle experience accessible to that many more Burners. Gifting forays provide iced liquid refreshment in the heat of the day (Deep Playa Beer Delivery) and warm gooey treats in the chill of the night (Smores). Learn more about Fluffy from the Duanes Whirld Website and watch the build via our YouTube Channel.

To finance Fluffy, our costs have outstripped expectations. We’re on the way and it’s been my great delight to take us this far. We’re inviting you to leap into the effort and to consider supporting the Fluffy build, and journey to the playa with a gift of financial resources, and your choice as to what your donation could support. Here are some options:

Your contribution and participation are going to make Fluffy possible, connecting you to this public art now and in future years en Playa. For sure, follow up with any questions – we’re stoked to share the joy of this project and the amazing folks giving it life.

With a whole lotta love,

Build Fluffy with Us!

It is partly cloudy with a chance of magic.