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  • 2024 Camp Schedule (also shown as a picture directly here on this page)
  • Duane’s Whirld Camp Handbook (we really want you to read this)
  • Camp Tasks Sign-Up & List (with a new way to sign-up this year, we’ll link it once they’re ready)
  • Your DW Guides – your people to help guide our camp experience (will be linked soon)
  • DW Facebook Group (for communication / fun)
  • DW RSVP Form (will link when we release)
  • Burner Express Info & Tickets (see the handbook or schedule for which bus you should get as part of DW)
  • Burning Man Survival Guide
  • Hotel Campers are staying at pre/post burn: Aiden by Best Western or Grand Sierra
  • 2024 Photos Folder (dump your photos here – we share w/ each other, but ask for consent if using broader – will be added after Burn)
  • WhatsApp Group Info – for last-minute communication (will be communicated 1-3 days before leaving for Playa)