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Camp Design

Duane’s Whirld is designed to radiate joy out onto the dusty streets while inviting wide-eyed and weary travelers alike to visit, hug and stay-awhile.

Our welcoming common area is a wide area that’s open to the public, where folks are encouraged to come in and join us for a spell, whether to partake in our activities, sit and chat, play a game, sing a song, or simply have a little lie-down. 

No matter what time of day, well, excluding sunrise till around 10 am, when folks arrive at our camp–intentionally or serendipitously–they can expect to be warmly welcomed and invited to join us. 

Stop by and enjoy the magic of Duane’s Whirld.

Camp Placement

Where can you find us? 

  • Sipping freshly-brewed coffee by Headlights
  • Cycling across deep playa on an afternoon beer run
  • On the dusty edges, dancing all the way down the boulevard
  • Tasting the melted gooeyness of the S’mores Whores
  • Riding high on Fluffer, your dusty magic dream on wheels!
  • In-camp, cozying around the burn barrel early into the morning 
  • Hugging and watching the sunrise at the trash fence

Duane’s Whirld is earthed in love, togetherness, and radical creativity.