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Fluffy’s Clouds – A New Approach!

It was another Fluffy day.
We estimate we will need 40 sheets of plywood cut into interesting, intricate shapes to create Fluffy’s clouds. It has taken a long time to transfer from paper to plywood. Time we don’t have…
Marie and I tidied up the place a bit today to prepare for a new approach – projecting the image on the plywood, then tracing it. That will prep more sheets for an army of jigsaw-wielding burners to cut them out.
Once Marie left for her studio to prepare the images, I finished up the wiring harness to the rear of the bus. The wires to control stop, turn, back up, etc. lights once ran along the roof, which was removed. So the wires were cut, lengthened, then routed through a 1.5” conduit. A nod to Newt, Coco, and Rebar for the help.
That complete, I emptied the bus and took a broom to it.
This is so cool.