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Fluffy Design Team Meets!

A bunch of the Art Team met to advance the design of this creature – especially the manifestation of clouds along the sides. DMV regulations require radical mutation, such that the underlying vehicle is indistinguishable. So how do we fashion clouds across the platform?
Aaron Stein, Amey, Marie convened (with support from John Bauer and Duane2, video documentation by Duane3)… to collectively noodle more and try a couple of applications. Confirming what doesn’t work is a key part of the process…and yup, did that.
Here’s this installment of video snippets to let you in on the fun.
As the Art Design Team perfects that rather an important aspect, next up are roughing the exterior to accept paint, actually painting the bus (Fluffy light blue), removing most of the windows, and cutting off the roof.
Getting real now, y’all…