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Fluffy the Dream Puff is real.

We found a Bus! It’s 40 feet and has a lift.
It’s a 2008 bluebird conveniently located in Las Vegas. This is fantastic news as busses are in short supply and a 40 footer with a lift is rare as hen’s teeth, as some say.
The odyssey of bringing this beautiful canvas to Vermont for its radical transformation into a mutant dream cloud vehicle begins Monday. 40 hours of road time across America.
So what are you doing next week? Wanna join the journey? Can you help drive the bus? PM me!
We are looking for drivers to share the experience. It isn’t as hard as you think, mostly interstate travel. Others will take the wheel in the hard spots.
Do all or part. Connect for a day. What works for you, if anything? We want to make arrangements, get you on the bus.
The transformational mutation work will begin soon after arriving at Fluffy’s nest in Charlotte. Details on that coming soon!
Let’s do this.