Duane’s Whirld is a small and mighty delightful gathering of roughly 25 fun-loving, creative do-gooders from across the globe who specialize in making people feel warm and welcome. Duane’s Whirld thrives on cultivating connection and intimacy in a playful, joyful way. We offer a warm, loving environment where all people feel welcomed and included. Our welcoming common area is designed to radiate joy out onto the street, attracting wide-eyed and weary travelers alike.

No matter what time of day, (well, excluding sunrise till around 10 am) when folks arrive at our camp–intentionally or serendipitously–they can expect to be warmly welcomed and invited to join us. We have a wide area that’s open to the public, where folks are encouraged to come on in and join us for a spell, whether to partake in our activities, sit and chat, play a game, sing a song or simply have a little lie down. Our camp displays signage that invites people to feel “Welcome Home!”